"Your Concrete Washout System is excellent! I don't have anymore SWPPP concerns thanks to your company. It not only keeps my jobsite cleaner, but has reduced costs associated with clean up as well. I will definitely use Concrete Washout Systems on all of my jobsites."
Laverne Brant, Superintendent - LS Construction (Les Schwab)

"From a suppliers standpoint, the Concrete Washout Bin is the answer to a terrible problem that has plagued this industry for a long time. When we send our trucks out to a high volume jobsite, we don't worry. They are fantastic and can handle three trucks washing out simultaneously. We currently have a washout system on board our trucks but we prefer to use the bins as they are much quicker, easier and contains more of the washout. Your system is great and we love it!"
Mike Regan, Sales Representative - Concrete Inc.

"The CWS system solves one of the construction industries greatest compliance problems of concrete washout entering streets and storm drains.  Not only does it solve a major compliance issue, but it also creates a much needed recycled product for the construction industry. As a consultant, we look for practices that are good for business and good for the environment.  The CWS system meets both criteria."
Johnny Combs. P.E. R.E.M. CPSWQ, Founder and CEO of Paradigm Engineering.

"The service has been great!"
Craig Garrison, Project Superintendent - JR Roberts Corp

"Concrete Washout Systems approach is a great idea!"
Roger Stanton, VP Purchasing - Beazer Homes